During my time in this class I have learned a lot. I was not sure what to expect when coming into this class but I really wanted to learn how to use the internet more efficiently and learn how to do things such as create a website. So far this semester this class has exceeded my expectations, I have learned about the building blocks of the internet and some historical things about it. I also learned how to build my own website with the HELLO WORLD assignment. With the website I think comes my biggest struggle in this class, I have had some trouble learning how to make my website look good outside of just applying a new theme to it. The other thing I somewhat struggles with was the epistemology project. It was tough for me to understand the concept at first but once I talked to Dr. Whalen he gave me a better understanding and I was able to help myself and other people in my group.

I think the thing I have had the most fun with is the gaming module. The gaming module was a ton of fun learning how the game functions and adding all kinds of elements to the game. I loved how it was a struggle at times but in the end I made a semi-functional game that my peers enjoyed playing.

The culture module was not as interesting to me but was still was interesting. I liked learning about all the things that are connected to the internet and how they somewhat control our lives.

I think I do a great job of participating in class. I am an active listener and I answer questions and get along with all of my peers very well.

For these reasons I feel I deserve an A

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