I chose gaming as my module because gaming has always been something I enjoy and so I wanted to explore the behind-the-scenes of it. From the start I knew that I wanted to make a sort of platform type game because it reminded me of the good times I had playing platform games on my laptop in high school (while I should have been doing work). The first step was finding what engine I was going to use to make my game, I started by checking out the recommended ones linked on the gaming module page. This is where I ran in to my first trouble because most of the websites were outdated because they required flash to run, which has been shut down as of 2021. Professor Whalen then recommend I use gdevelop which is a game building website that runs very well. Gedevelop had an easy to follow tutorial that was really good at helping me get started. Something that I had difficulty with was applying physics to some of my platforms so that they could move or do other things like that. Despite this, I figured it out and was able to make a pretty simple one level platform game. So what I hoped to accomplish, I accomplished. I had a really fun time making this game and hope to go back and work on it some more and add more levels or something along those lines. When I shared my game with my peers they seemed to really have a good time playing it and I was glad they enjoyed it but also was glad to know everything was running smoothly with the game.

Try the game yourself!

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