When working on this module I learned that the internet of things connects devices to the internet and utilize the software to help us with our daily lives. When doing research on this topic I learned just how many of the things I use in a day are connected to the internet. From my laptop and phone to the bar scanner I use to sign in at the YMCA to workout, everything seems to be connected. When drawing my map of all the things I use in a day and comparing my map to my other group mates I learned that the connected devices we use are pretty similar.

I think the thing I found most interesting about this module is the amount of things nowadays that can be connected to the internet. I found most interesting that grills and oven can be connected to the internet so you can control the temperature of these devices from your phone

Overall I think it is really cool how all these things can be connected to the internet but also kind of scary how much we rely on the internet to get through our daily lives.

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