My group worked on the topic epistemology for our collaborative project. Epistemology in AI is the idea of how can we trust the information that GPT-3 and other AI programs give us. When doing my research I found that there is really no real answer to this. The expert that I studied, Yoav Shoham, believes that AI such as Chat GPT-3, are very great and powerful tools to produce information but they can not always be trusted. GPT-3 pulls information from hundreds of websites to try and produce an answer for the asked question, with all this information being pulled, you are bound to stumble into some information that is not true.

In my group I worked on the the introduction to the different experts, the information on Yoav Shoham, and answered the question on why the AI came up with the response that it did.

In my opinion I do believe that GPT-3 is going to be the future when it comes to asking AI questions, but from what I learned is that this AI needs time to become stronger. So I believe in the future this AI will be awesome bit for now you need to be cautious on the information it gives you.

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